Purely Balanced Adult Workshops

In our workshops we help people understand how to handle their own energy and breathing, stress and anxiety.

A typical organisational workshop is made up of theory and practical.

The theory is about the physiological side of anxiety and stress and what affect that has on the body. How to notice this in oneself and how to notice it in others and how to stop it before it causes friction.

This will be followed with pointers and suggestions to make you aware of your breathing in times of anxiety and stress and be aware of triggers.

We also work with the use of language: this can automatically shift a person’s emotions from feeling slumped to being alert, quite simply by changing select key words they use daily. For example, this is an excellent method through which management may enforce staff meetings.

We will help participants learn about the language they use, how key words effect emotion and how body language effects the mood and tone of the person.

We get employees to recognise, prepare and adjust their personal triggers and patterns in their work day. Once this is accomplished we discuss how to change that around, break the patterns and reapply themselves which results in a more productive work day.

Purely Balanced Adult Workshops

Courses at your workplace

Our sessions are suitable to be conducted in the office or your workplace.

Our workshops may be held before, during or after work hours.

An easy, quick workplace stress buster

Another option for you is our ‘Stress Buster At Work’ scheme in which a qualified therapist visits the workplace during office hours to provide a 15 minutes ‘over the clothes’ massage of the neck, back, shoulder and head. Hand reflexology or a hand and arm massage will be given if requested.

The space required in which to work is 4’ x 4’, the therapist will provide soothing spa music, and a specially made chair for the client’s comfort will be set up for receiving treatment.

Personal Development Work
A focus on Self-Management

We have created sessions and workshops to help you use simple tips and techniques to bring your heart rate down, get you breathing deeper, and bring your mind back to the present moment with breathing awareness

The theory is about the physiological side of anxiety and stress and what affect that has on the body. This will be followed with pointers and suggestions to make you aware of behaviour in times of anxiety and stress.

The practical side is all about tips and techniques you can use in your daily life on a large scale or a small scale so that no one would even realise you’re doing it - it’s that simple!

Over the course of the workshop participants are allowed to ask questions, raise queries and have explanations on anything at all that they aren’t following and all will be given a handout with the main points and a place for making notes.

The workshop will end with a group meditation and relaxation period and then all participants will be given a brochure on what to do after and what to do at home on their own.


  • Comments from Teachers and Teaching Assistants from a SBC School":

    "Fantastic opportunity to relax and unwind."

    "Very useful tips on how to relax."

    "Felt very relaxed, some really good tips."

    "I feel amazing."

    "Nice to switch of from ‘work’ for a short while and relax."

    "Enjoyed the session. I found it relaxing and valuable."

    "Loved it."

    "Fantastic course Emma. Thank you."

    "Can we have Emma in more often please?

    "Participants have requested to see her again."

  • Darlington Council

    The Sleep Well/Inner Calm session that Emma provided of employees of Darlington Borough Council was very well received with maximum numbers of staff attending the session and feedback being very positive. So positive in fact that one employee actually fell asleep during the session!

    The Council is happy to endorse the session to anyone having trouble sleeping.”

    Karen Bennett
    HR Policy and Strategy Advisor

  • Hartlepool College of Further Education

    I’m not someone who has ever looked into meditation and have previously thought of it as something that couldn’t possibly work however your session couldn’t have proven me more wrong. You were extremely knowledgeable and were able to answer all questions put to you.”


    My experience yesterday was amazing! Just to be taught how to stop, take a moment, control my breathing and relax by imagining colours, items and places will make a massive difference to my working day.

    Jane Clark, Engineering Lecturer

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