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What Purely Balanced do and why

We are the “How to” people.

We understand that some young people struggle with the demands and expectations upon them, particularly in a modern, fast, celebrity and social media influenced world.

Sadly some young people can grow up with a limiting belief, about their own potential and abilities. This often is accompanied by fear, sadness and at times frustration and anger.

We work with young people to help their self-belief, manage their emotions and to become the people they are capable of being.

How we work

We begin by a series of fun learning workshops and talk about goals, ambition, direction, motivation and empowerment; getting the young people to remember who they are as an individual and to raise their self esteem.

We get them do to detailed descriptions of “how to” get there and “how to” achieve their goals, making them clear and precise as to what action they need to take to get there.

We bring in mindfulness and meditation with visualisation using their own imagination they can create their own world in their head and by doing so we give them not only a safe place to go in their own mind but we give them incentive to stick in at school and life. Bringing in subtly why school is important and why trying your hardest is so important. Reminding them of what they can be when they grow up!

For some reason we have been teaching children not to daydream nor to use a vivid imagination and therefore stifling creativity. What if we radically changed that?

What if we worked with that - letting their imagination run wild with colours and visions and invigorating stimulus. Giving them a focus point to direct this active imagination toward giving them time each week where this is possible and where they know “this is the time we let our ideas run wild.“ It will only take a number of sessions before this has a huge impact on the way the children think and act.

By giving them a focus and area to direct their energy it will start to dilute the over active part of their mind that they don’t get chance to utilise by teaching them life skills.

Purely Balanced Workshops for Children and Young Persons

We offer help for schools, colleges, afterschool clubs, and Key Stage 3 pupils or 16–18 year-olds to deal with social and emotional issues, mindfulness for children, and overall health and wellbeing. Our workshops also provide relaxation and performance help in the lead-up to exams and for activities such as sporting events.

As we know, the social and emotional needs of the young are sometimes not met and sometimes overlooked.

This is causing an increase in childhood anxiety and low self-esteem which carries over into adult years. The stress and strain of exams and going into college or even just the thought of career choices can be over whelming for some pupils at this age.

Purely Balanced experienced staff have put together a programme designed specially for children and young persons. It has the basics of our regular adult/organisational workshops but as it’s for children the wording is more young person-friendly and the course itself is tailored to the age range with colourful stress balls, games and activities to help reduce stress and anxiety. Also included are illustrated hand-outs for the participants with some fun drawings for the children to laugh with and help aid their understanding of anxiety and the patterns, causes, triggers and releases.


  • Bishopton Centre, Redhill

    "Emma visited our school and delivered a relaxation workshop for the students. Emma has a very calm and gentle teaching style and her workshop far exceeded expectations, so much so that the students immediately requested more sessions with her.

    I found the experience interesting, enjoyable and completely relaxing."

    Anne-Marie Walsh
    Year 11 teacher

  • What the young people at Bishopton Centre, Redhill thought:

    "I really enjoyed our relaxation session with Emma. She taught us some really helpful breathing exercises to use when we feel anxious." - Leonie

    "I think Emma should come into school every week her relaxation class is brilliant." - Sian

    "I loved learning about meditation with Emma, it was so relaxing.” - Ellie

    "Exam relaxation class with Emma was great, she taught us different techniques that we can use to deal with stress and anxiety." - Billy

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For more information about our workshops or to discuss your specific requirements please don't hesitate to contact Emma Cook on:

Mobile 07581 287989     Tel 01740 617056     Email emma.cook@purelybalanced.co.uk

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